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Q: Can I purchase my ticket at the door, the day of the event?
A: No...Unfortunately all tickets need to be purchased prior to the event to ensure appropriate accommodations for all guests (i.e. available seating, meal provisions).
Q: I see there are different F3 Conference locations, states, and dates this year. I accidently purchased a ticket for the wrong state, what do I do?
A: Please contact us! A F3 Staff Member will ensure your ticket is transferred to the correct F3 Conference location, state and date.

Q: I'm deciding on which F3 Conference to attend. Will there be anymore listed for 2023?
A: Yes! Tickets are currently available for Topeka, KS. Other locations for 2023, have passed. 

Q: Are appropriate practices in place in regards to Covid-19 precautions? 
A: We are committed to the health and safety of all our guests. The Hilton takes pride in maintaining the highest standards in cleanliness and hygiene. Given the effects of Covid-19, they have taken additional measures in their hotels today, developed in consultation with global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and CDC), to make cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous. You can view these protocols on their website: In addition, seating has been changed to accommodate more social distancing.
Q: I would really like my 10 year old to attend; however, the age limit says 12 and older. Can I purchase a ticket for her to attend?
A: If you feel this conference would benefit your 10 year old daughter, you are welcome to purchase a ticket for her. There shouldn't be any content that she shouldn't hear; however, bringing her is at your discretion. If she wants to enter the Best Dressed Contest, she should enter the Pretty Princess.

Q: How is the F3-Born To Be Fabulous Best Dressed Contest Judged?
A: The Best Dressed Contest will be judged by a panel of judges. At the event your photo will be taken. After the event ends, all photos for each category will be sent to the judges to determine a winner for each category (2-3 day process). The winner will then be notified, receive their prize, and be placed on the website as reigning 2023 Champion! There must be at least 7 participants in the category to hold contest. 

Q: What is the "UTB" Warrior category for best dressed?
A: "UTB" (Unleash The Beast) Warrior category, is a new category for this year's theme. It was created for those who want to embrace their inner warrior. You can be both comfortable and creative, as you  wear your best warrior woman attire (i.e. military, camouflage, etc.) 

Q: If I meet 2 of the Categories (Wonderful Woman - size 18 and up & Gorgeous Gal 40-55) for the Best Dressed Contest, can I enter them both if I pay an additional entry fee?
A: You can only compete in 1 category, so you will need to determine which category that you'd like to compete in. 

Q: I am thinking about being a vendor, what size of table do you get?
A: Each vendor gets a 6 ft table per registration. You can view the F3 Conference pictures from 2022 to see some of the vendors. 


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